May '13
Jun '13

MANODESANTA Técnica, ironía y cosas que decir.


Opening: Wednesday 15 to 20h.

Technique: Crochet

MANODESANTA arises from the interest in preserving the traditions and bring them closer to our time taking them as a graphical tool. Spending time with my grandmother, shut down the computer to work with your hands,for typography and the message, come together in this personal project.
We talked about the things handmade with love, when we take the time to say it, the message takes on another dimension.
I tried to amplify the meaning of words, each point you've given to build them are thinking to form part of its meaning, every millimeter of cotton intended a second reading, a call to reflection.



Born in Yecla (Murcia) in 1982, is addicted to big challenges and small details. He lost the curiosity and need of constant learning.
It is visual, intuitive and spontaneous long as the visual, intuition and spontaneity go hand in hand a concept. No concept is not.
He loves to spin things, seek complexity and then enjoy its simple essence. Need constant activity, never known to be still, nor desired him try.
Studied modeling, models, graphicRead more

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