Jan '13
Jan '13



Opening: Wednesday January 9 at 20h.

Discipline: Photography

I have always admired the ability of photographers to make especial everything is around us, even the ordinary. They look at things in a different way through which all can be considerate beautiful and interesting. We look at the same thing, but they perceive it in a especial way; they fix on the details, on the composition, they admire the ability of objects to tell you stories.

Without any doubt, Yosigo get this skill. We all have been through those suburban corners, we all have all seen a thousand times those objects, those furnitures, those places, but he photographs them and makes them special. He makes us feel how everything goes up with him, how everything gets different, as if his world were made of small aesthetically perfect frames.

His photography has  grown up and matured, becoming more profound, more documentary, more narrative. The visual perfection, inheritance from his design studios, has given  rise to a rawer, simpler beauty with no tricks. By experimenting with the technique, incorporating analog format, the preciousness gives way to a more realistic, more intuitive and more honest look.

This exhibition is a chronological journey through his work, from the first digital images of the most popular landscapes of our city, to the beauty of the forsaken and the inhospitable, wherein the composition is given by the place itself, without the intervention of the photographer; it's a journey from the beautiful and powerful visual narrative of his personal diary, to the color saturation, the agitation of amusement parks and the timeless images of txikiteros, it's circle that closed returning to local iconography.

A placid visual tour of our surroundings, a look around us, a personal document of everyday reality. The look of a photographer who still has to tell us more.





Jose Javier Serrano (Donostia, 1981)

Yosigo achieved with photographs to turn around what "normally see" and take us to his unique personal vision field and its environment.

His look-the composition, the coloring, the chosen elements, etc. - is what gives to his proposal an un-transerible personality, totally recognizable by his way of doing, that is surely one of the prerequisites needed for differenting his works from the otherRead more

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