Apr '13
Apr '13



Inauguration: Wenesday 03 at 20h.

Discipline: Drawing and Illustration
Technique: Ink on paper

Through the pieces of "Mad World", K. Powalka  shows us a worn world, a society who doesn't know where is or where it's headed, a society mired in their own misfortune, but ironically feels the best, more modern and developed than others.

In "Mad World" there're irrational behaviors that can be contradictory, destructive or uncontrolled, and in its individuality generate happiness (ephemeral) and emotional welfare (transient), being all mask the true weakness, insecurity, inconsistency, laziness, corruption or cowardice.

Each of these drawings is a piece of the puzzle that makes up a society that doesn't learn about their own mistakes, who go with the positive and negative holding hands, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. All viewed from a critical but at the same time optimistic perspective, sad situations, unfair or unpleasant that become funny or ridiculous. Tears for Fears maybe in the 80s, saw a "Mad World" not unlike that seen K. Powalka today.





Krzysztof Powalka was born in the 85's communist Poland. He grew around canvases, racks and turpentine. He studied Fine Arts and then he moved to Italy where he made several exhibitions in different cities.
His works are huge paintings with messages that leave no one indifferent. He prefers the painting but it doesn't stops making all kind of works like book's illustrations, big sculptures or even costume and scenography design. MoreoverRead more

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