Jan '07

Four colors

Four Colors will give a concert during the inauguration of the exhibition of Vir. It is a group that approximates the actual music and jazz.
\ r \ n PRICE: Four colors is a free musical education which begins in 2005. The group is seeking an approach to the interpretation of jazz and modern music from a fresh perspective and simple. The band's musical preferences lean toward more current music without neglecting the classics "Standards" of jazz remanufactured from the influences of the latest musical trends.
\ r \ n
\ r \ nRicard Tejada. Low
\ r \ nMarcial Garcia. Battery
\ r \ nCarles Gutierrez. Guitar
\ r \ ncesar Joaniquet: Alto Sax
\ r \ n
\ r \ nTo hear any of his songs, you can visit his myspace at:
\ r \ nwww.myspace.com / fourcolors

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