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Oct '11

Presentación: Carcelona


Translated by Google translate


The fanzine Carcelona \ "20 millor botiga anys to the sermon \" contains a series of interviews with artists, activists, musicians, people from different generations who live or have lived in Barcelona and that sometime between 1990 and 2010 have been Zosen found in the city.

The publication serves as an excuse for the Participant s talk about their experiences, work and impressions of the changes the city has suffered in recent years.

Somehow it's a kind of manifesto of the underground culture of the last 20 years in this city, a document that reflects our most recent history and sometimes forgotten.

The first edition is 1 00 numbered copies with original covers and Lusmore Aryz silkscreened!

The artists / participants:

Sergio Mora
Francesc Punsola (Frank Trepax)
Alicia Rosello
Negre Xupet
Miranda Makaroff
Anrode Photo / Zroken
Fuck the Bastards / C-utter
Cookie Abel Rrecords
Alejandra Perez (Elpueblodech ina)
Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada


Presentation of the hand:

SUCKAFISH P JONES (Voodoo cumbia step!)

C-utter (postivive noise)

Cookie dj Abel (gall etismo do it yourself)






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