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Apr '11
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Jesus Martinez, Esteve Puig and Carlos Guinto friends since they were teenagers Zuell formed in 1999 and booked the same year with vinyl seal Barcelona Serial killer who release their first album NEPTUNE, a maxi with air trip hop breakbeat and experimental . That same year have the disc in the SONAR.

Between concerts and RGAs studio sessions recorded with the same label FIRST CONTACT EP sounded like breakbeat but included an ambient track. From that time began to interest both the specialist press as some dj \ 's reputation. This made it part of writing for Zuell remixing other artists work. From that moment became a place as one of the ban Chill out das representing both national and international scene. In 2003 they released their first LP Daydreaming, a record that represented all the musical they had experienced together, from dub, trip-hop, drum and bass, ambient, styles treated with a very personal brand and with the collaboration of different vocalist ace. Daydreaming was widely accepted and returned to arouse the interest of Sonar where they returned to play presenting the new album.

In 2005 Carlos Guinto left the band to continue his career as a producer and DJ under the name of Check One, currently continues to work with Zuell. After many changes and five years of Recent Finds eda finally in 2010 self-released their latest Forgotten Corners, a more Indie disk where the air more prominent electronic psychedelic pop with dreamy and maintaining the essence that defines traveler.

To date published ZUELL Neptune, First Contact, Daydreaming and Forgotten corners and have performed several times in the Sonar, Mon egros Festival, BAM in Barcelona, ​​Burgos MIX or venues such as Salamander, Fnac, Niu and others. Have come to have a piece in the top ten best songs on Radio One from the BBC. They have also collaborated with artists such as Jose Padilla, Older or Francesco Farfa, and have included several of their songs in TV commercials, movies and more 30 collections of stamps from around the world.

They are currently presenting his latest album and are alternating the production of other recording artists with new material for the next album.


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