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Dec '10

CABALLO REGALADO nº 15: La Orquesta del Caballo Ganador


Translated by Google translate

\ "The Orchestra of the Horse Winner is a collective dedicated to improvisation conducted. Founded by brothers Junquera (Black, Strategy Capto it!) And the noise group ZA (Watercolor), Horse Winner is a space permanently open to other musicians regardless of school or the instrument. The driving techniques devised by Butch Morris has been the p the basis to create new symbols and reinterpreting the rules of free jazz from the perspective of punk, noise, tropical or electronics. The symbols are the tools with which the director weaves a symphony orchestra new and unique to each concert. No studio albums, there is no any prior composition, all v to progress \ "

On Wednesday December 15, the Orchestra of the winning horse becomes our gift horse. Adapt their set to acoustic, of course, you will have the opportunity to see this legendary band in Miscellaneous.

Because of your massive support in recent concerts, which fills us with joy, we are obliged to respect the capacity limit. So if you want to stay outside we recommend that you arrive on time.


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