Nov '10
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Barcelona en Butoh: Ciclo “sólo de ellas”


Translated by Google translate

Danzana - Aisa Boaa
"We opened the door to an intimate space which is inhabited by the existence and nonexistence, where an unusual landscape makes this the absence of the absolute. A dialogue between the symbolic element of the block as
discord, courtesy of transmutation, original and femíneo food, the way to the forbidden to knowledge ... "
In the Middle Ages was a popular poetic passage which read: "Give me faint with love apples ..."
Sound piece: Adriano Galante
Duration: 30min.

Before the autumn mists dissipate - Marianela León
Subtly shift over time and space together & iq uest, how can miss being so clear? And is that clear.
Claude Parle: He plays the accordion.
Duration: 30min.

Pas de Deux - Dominique BaronBonarjee
The thick curtain, red velvet and eventually opens to give birth to a child, slowly emerges from the cavernous darkness after racks, timidly enters a c írculo white light. A sea of staring eyes, there is a moment of understanding and in that moment an infinite psibilidad. And then they wear the mask.
Set Design: Ingrid Hu
Duration: 30min.


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