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Concierto: ROLDÁN


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Roldán (Juan Carlos Roldan Amador, Badajoz (1980), began playing in some punk bands in his hometown, Don Benito. At the same time he began to compose his own songs, influenced by artists like Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, or Leonard Cohen Harry Nilsson, with Lo-Fi and mixing some ideas of folk and noise. Roldán searched his ma experimental material with a broken cassette recorder, which was useful for "overdubs" on the same tape.

The first official EP Roldán, called 'Roland' was published in AA Records in a limited edition. Rafael Martinez del Pozo (AA Tigre, La Jr) recorded and mixed the EP. In 2009, Rold & a acute, n released their first full LP called The Song.

.<<.. The song recounts events that end up being exemplary episodes, such as popular stories, intimate and public. Also an air of unease through the disk, as if the time suspected of being resolved never again to return to a defined approach. As if they evoke a certain sense, past or future, was already in vain. The Song of Roland is a celebration of light and full of humor, and in turn, denotes a certain nostalgia. It is this duality
which makes it so real, where his strange charm.>>

Javier Aquilué





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