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Sep '10
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Truman Peyote started as an experimental band in 2007 with no intention of engaging in traditional song writing.  They would gather pedals, drums machines, and whatever they could get their hands on and make SOUND for hours at a time. Improvised shows made for sold out, great reviews and record label releases. Now Truman Peyote have evolved even further and are being featured in the top music sites the world over, and with their ep being released very soon, we can't wait to see what they do next.

Many Mansions is the ongoing recording and performance project of Shane M. Donnelly. Begun in 2005, Many Mansions has had numerous releases on cassette and cd-r over the years; however only three have officially been released on the Whitehaus Family Record so far. The project has many different faces and has evolved greatly since its inception as a lo-fi noise tape recorded on four-track cassette. Most recently, performances have been dance oriented, blending the repetitiveness of trance, the feel-good vibrations of tropicalia and the mind-beinding aspects of psychedelia. Many Mansions performs often in and around Boston, especially at the Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain, where he currently resides…


"The kind of party that will make your mind vaporize into a den of bobbing movements and involuntary motion."
"Like Steve Reich doing the tropical boogie." 20jazzfunkgreats
'The 21st century is beautiful and its name is Truman Peyote. On their recent release, Light-Lightning, two guys from Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts have created a sound that so successfully melds the textural possibilities of the digital and analog, of samples, founds sounds, and live instrumentation, that the album is less like a hybrid and more like a brand new species.' QRO Mag
'Truman Peyote accomplish an incredibly rare feat in the song: they manage to make the kind of lomography rock that's all the rage right now sound muscular and purposeful.' No Genre 


Truman Peyote : Myspace
Many Mansions : Myspace 


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