Jul '10

Caballo Regalado Nº9: Enrique Doza

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Date Change! Saturday 10

Not yet invented the term to define Enrique Doza, our Caballoregalado n º 9. Everything falls short or not quite fit him.

Henry, as a musician, is eclectic and unbiased benchmark. I do not care a matter of Bauhaus unversioned one of Camela that one of the Burning Crabs . Guitarist, keyboardist, spiritual guide, artist, hairdresser, photographer, bartender, mass leader, singer, MyBestFriend, internet, gallery owner, receptionist, polyglot, rock and everything that ends in ist and ero. Throughout his life he has been reinvented time and again auque he says he has always been the same.

His fans, who are not few, us n been giving the can so that it invitásemos and we have done. He says they have the set ready and pointed Caballoregalado for months, but one clue to what we will offer insurance would be wrong. "ARE invited to the Night of Mystery with Enrique Doza.



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