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Jul '10
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D-Fried + Fernando Lagreca


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Fernando Lagreca
Born in Uruguay, since 2002 lives in Barcelona, where he developed his musical career. Composer and electronic alchemist, restless latest trends researcher, Fernando knows how to delight audiences with its unique blend of techniques and styles, in which he defended the power of the glitch, the evanescence of ambient and freshness minipop ra. His latest concoction emulation brings melancholy guitars, wailing robot and a fine romance care.

Lagreca is a strict defender of the direct, in which it is presented only with hardware instruments, guitars, samplers, microphones, Casiotone, synths and effects, are her palette of sound textures, aided by melody & iacute; as to create a work full of layers and nuances. / fernandolagreca

Jordi aka D-FRIED Saludes, producer, musician & dj from Barcelona, has published on stamps Emilii Records (ES), Phonocake (DE), Mizukage Records (JP), and upcoming work on the stamps Fo rce Intel - Mille Plateaux (DE) and New Way (U.S.) during 2010.

In his music mixes electronic textures and sounds with intricate rhythms urban environmental, building with everyday noises and digital tunes, soundtracks for commuters ... noises become ringtones.

Her new work on stage \ "Blindfold Surgery \" along with the video Sandra Gonzalez tista combines broken beats and synthetic melodies fragile, with visuals in the video is based on long shots-sequence, where reality takes unexpected forms and textures, regardless of digital effects. / deefried / dwightfried / alienkidbcn / Sadak oexperience


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