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May '10
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Padi Centella Fuster is a member of extinct Sibyl Vane, ripped a solo project with a fast and fierce as lightning in the middle of night. Back to more basic rock and alone with his sharp guitar, Centella are short songs (many do not reach two minutes) concise and direct, inspired by scavengers or more aggressive nature. Accompanied by a drum and a maraca as traveling companions, we will present what will be your new disk solutions by radicals.

Download their previous album (Producciones Doradas, 2008) here 282 008% 29/descargas.html


Vio/Miré is, essentially, Providence, RI's Brendan Glasson. His consistently affecting music spans from pop/folk to ambient sound art to chamber music. His instrumentation is similarly wide-ranging and sophisticated. Glasson is often accompanied by a rotating cast of string players, clavichordists, and singers.

Glasson has four Vio/Miré albums to his credit, including one entirely written and recorded
while living in Bolivia and his most recent, “January, 2009” recorded in Jonsí from Sigur Ros’s apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland. The third Vio/Miré album, 'March, 2007' was released that month by Leisure Class Records. Glasson’s recordings have been called "absolutely vital" (so the wind won't blow it all away) and an "amazing experimental journey of an album" ( Indie Folk Forever describes Vio/Miré as “a blend of slowly evolving, textured soundscapes and intimate vocals” and, as Animal Psi notes, “the music is airy yet well-defined, filled out by steady runs of finger-picked guitar and the dry heat of cello.”

Glasson toured with Sigur Ros on their 2008 US tour as a member of the Icelandic octet Parachutes. As Vio/Miré, he’s played with dozens of different artists including Ramona Cordova, Deer Tick, Eva Luna, Annuals, Bee Mask, Black Swans, Cassette Concrete, Chris Paddock, Dreadful Tawns, Expecting Rain, Lewis and Clarke, Liz Isenberg, Noble Lake, Ra Ra Riot, Tall Pines, and the Whigs. Vio/Miré also played at the 2007 Gladtree Festival along with Thurston Moore, Jack Rose, MV+EE, J. Mascis, and others.  Mp3! S:


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