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Oct '06
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Music based in cycles, host attacks, romance, euphoria and skepticism.
\ r \ nLetras based on phonetics and the absence of textual meaning, define character, situations, items and people around us.
\ r \ nAlimenta the senses in a trance, the bored by waiting for the exquisite.
\ r \ nRemembranzas of battles and duels that never ended.
\ r \ nAmoeba gets through the pores of the skin to fill a space.
\ r \ nFoam formed in June 2001, when Gary and Diego meet with the aim of creating a work which combines the three disciplines of your choice: music, photography and video.
\ r \ nThe project starts with the writing and recording several issues outlined in the Avant-hop style. That same year, integrates Renée as guest singer. Thirteen more than 3000 videos and digital photos are part of the staging that presents the album: Amoeba
\ r \ n
\ r \ n Input: 1.5 € members / non members € 3


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