Oct '07
Oct '07

Saldão bazar de arte


Saldae, aims to showcase and disseminate works of new, skilled artists, bringing artists to the public, Contact and connect artists of languages, varied aesthetic and historic roads, establishing the formation of collectives in various cities on the planet.
In previous editions in Barcelona, we have the particular tion of artists from France, Spain, Japan, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Venezuela, or Brazil.
This is the 3rd edition of Saldae in Barcelona and will have the participation of:

PLASTIC ARTISTS Nuno Valerio aka UIU, Berto Grace, Sweet Almah, Andrea Michaelsson - BTOY Ilya May er - BTOY, JAGAJAGA, Pedro Cuevas, IDIE, Edjin, Violeta Cenzi,
among others.
MUSIC BigVal Jahbitat + + + Omar Berto Masaka + + + Ilia srBlon
Berto PROJECTIONS Nuno Valerio + Grace + Eletro IBIE +-I-Man (Ricardo Cançado)

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 from 16.30 to 23h.


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