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Fragmentos expandidos


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Expanded fragments is a project of life, where my intention esnhacer the emotional map, geographical and cultural durantenlos my itinerary last years traveling in Brazil and other parts of the world, nexponiendo images, objects, and other events and revelarndiferentes cultures and geographies, so promote the actions intercambionde ys entimientos.

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expanded Fragments is a project of life, where my intention is to make the emotional map, geographical and cultural life of my journey over the past years traveling in Brazil and other parts of the world exposing images, objects, and other manifestations and disclose different cultures and geographies, so promote the exchange of actions and feelings.


Expanded fragments is a development of the project \ "God writes a By Line Eye \", and is to make a memory map of the senses, or rather the emotional map, and also through cultural and geographical display recolectadosen my trajectory objects to for the past 3 years. And designing new landscapes and dimensions.

The map has virtually start with the construction of imaginary lines that connect the objects selected to illustrate my itinerary.

Each object is a point placed on the map as a marker of a particular region or action, and anger definiendoel site was found, purchased, bred or shown.

Point to Point will raise a network, a fabric that interconnects and forms a comprehensive system of information and nervous sensations in space reorganized design a unique landscape.

The selection of objects is intriguing, puesson them that make us travel through time and e l space for what they represent and transmit, so that the viewer can relive trips and emotions which are accumulated objects.

The dialogue between the different pathways is stimulated, also the exchange of referrals and information to viewers and will nurture of the work.
The result is a living and changing facility. Registration of memory and conscious actions and feelings.

Map of the exhibition:
I will draw on the wall itself lines connecting the exhibits to illustrate my journey over the past years.

Each object is a point on the map as a marker for a particular z ona and anger puntualizandoel site was acquired.

The organization of objects in space breeding a new panorama. A record of a continent exists only in the subjective realm.

I would like to stress that it is alive and dynamic work, amending and expanding constantly. The work will be made especially for dialogue with the space that receives it, so there is no standard way of introduction, or rather, for each area has a different character of manifestation.


Violeta Cenzi

 Presento mi inquietud en busca por la condensación de las formas. Dibujos, pinturas y objetos que es la representación de la sensación de contemplación por la propia vida, de deslumbramiento por la naturaleza. Formas orgánicas y naturales que cuando  son reveladas en el espacio expositivo crían nuevas realidades y nuevas dimensiones.

2006>2007 - Festival Brasil no Ar Barcelona
ía y producción en Artes Visuales

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