The deadline for receipt of projects is closed. We are doing the pre-selection


In order to support emerging creation, MISCELANEA opens the Call for 2020 Exhibition program.

  • Through this call 70% of the programming of the gallery will be selected.
  • This open call is aimed to visual artists which work is mainly in two dimensions due to the characteristics of the space and using languages as illustration, painting, design and graphic arts, in small and medium format. All 3-dimensional disciplines or with a different character from that mentioned above will be taken into consideration depending on the subject and the layout of the project in the exhibition hall.
  • We look for projects intended to be shown in MISCELANEA, taking into account the characteristics of the exhibition space and not previously presented in Barcelona.
  • All projects that experiment with new formats and languages and trying to offer an innovative proposal will be positively valued, as well as follow-up activities to the exhibition project (talks, screenings, workshops, publications, etc.).
  • The selected projects will be exhibited at MISCELANEA during 2020 and will be supported by MISCELANEA for the assembly and promotion of the exhibition which will run for 4 weeks.

Here you will find all the information and details on how to present your project:


Projects will be shortlisted in a three-step process:

  1. Pre-selection
    All entries will be reviewed by the MISCELANEA team and a selection committee formed by cultural managers, designers and artists from different disciplines, who will share their knowledge and experience when evaluating projects.
    It will pre-select a maximum of 30 projects and will be posted on our website.
  2. Public selection - 1 project -
    To encourage participation and involvement of the recipients of MISCELANEA while trying to know their interests and tastes, we propose an open vote among all pre-selected projects where the public can give their vote to the project that would like to see exhibited in the gallery.
    The project to get the most votes will be directly selected to be exposed.
    (The votes obtained in other projects will not be relevant for the Final Selection by MISCELANEA).
  3. Final selection - 6 projects -
    Of all the pre-selected projects MISCELANEA team will select up to 6 projects that will be part of the MISCELANEA's Exhibition programming of 2020.
    The selected projects will be published on the website of MISCELANEA and the selected artists will be notified personally.


Reception of projects: from 10 June to 10 September 2019
Selection period: 

Phase 1: Pre-selection - From 11 to 24 September 
Phase 2: Public selection - voting - From September 25 to October 11 
Phase 3: Final Selection - From September 25 to October 11

Selected Publication: 15 October 2019
Exhibition: Between 8 January and 13 December, 2020
* The dates of publication and voting may vary in relation to the number of projects presented.


10 June Opening of presentation of projects.
10 September End of presentation of projects.
25 September Publication of preselected projects and beginning of public vote.
11 October End of public vote.
15 October Publication of selected projects.

HOW to submit projects?

To participate in the call you must submit a single file (compressed folder) containing:

  1. Fully completed form saved as PDF file.
    Download Form_call_2020.doc
  2. Images in JPG format file of at least 5 artworks of the project submitted.
    (Please Do not send high-resolution images, simply for displaying on the screen).
  3. Additional material (only if necessary for the proposal)
    .AVI Video format or .MPEG
    MP3 audio
    Dossier or catalog in PDF

The size of the compressed folder may not exceed 5Mb.

WHERE and WHEN can submit proposals?

Projects should be submitted only by mail to the following address:

noting in the subject: Open Call 2020 + Project Name

The deadline for receiving projects is 10 June to 10 September, 2019 (inclusive).

  • No portfolios are valued, only projects proposed exclusively for this call.

  • Artists are requested to forward the file once and only to that email address.

  • For questions or other issues contact:

  • Participation in this call implies knowledge and full acceptance of its terms. MISCELANEA reserves the right to resolve all matters not provided for in these rules, including the possibility of varying the final number of selected projects if the quality of the ones submitted dont fit the objectives of the exhibition program is appropriate and propose amendments that may improve its performance.

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