Koko Che Jota

Carolina Häfner Jimenez * 1990 Granada. With 4 years he lives in Berlin. Daughter of architects grew up surrounded by plans, works, materials and listening to talk about the coherence between elements. He studied architecture at the renowned UDK in Berlin. During this time he participated in several groups using pencil, oil and coffee techniques. Currently his work is divided between the world of photography, painting as well as clothing design. It is nice to see how, over time, more and more different techniques are merging. Creating increasingly rich content. Thus on your bookshelf you can find books of all kinds such as the biography of Egon Schiele, exhibition catalogs of Peter Doig or creative Patronage books such as Dennic Chunman Lo. It is difficult to explain which source drinks accurately, since there are many techniques that you are passionate about. His last exhibitions have been seen in Madrid (Espositivo), Sevilla (The Red Gallery), Diwap Gallery as well as Der Seehund in Berlin in addition to his textile works at La Fashionweek Madrid.

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