V edition, Graphic artwork market by MISCELANEA

Call for artists


DATE: the 17th and the 18th of December, 2016
HOURS: Saturday from midday until 10pm and Sunday from midday to 8pm
PLACE: MISCELANEA C/ Guardia 10 - Raval (Barcelona)

DRESS YOUR WALL comes back to MISCELANEA to celebrate its fifth edition on the 17th and the 18th of December.
As its lasts editions, the market is directed to emerging artists, both national and international, being a showcase for new proposals and giving artists a space in which present and sell their works.



  • National and international artists and collectives, having his works on paper, either original works or reproductions. DYW is a graphic market: silk-screen prints, risographs, lithographs, prints, collage, stencil ... is welcome!
  • We prefer the exhibition of small and medium sized graphic artworks on paper. Depending on the available space, we may also take into consideration large sized artworks on paper and small sized pieces of a different media where involving a drawing, a picture, a screen printing, and so forth.
  • Sculptures, shirts, bags, accessories or any other work that we believe falls outside of what we've already stipulated will be excluded from this market.



PERSONAL SPACE (Individual Stand) more info

  • You get 1.20x1.20m space where you can mount your stand as best suits your need, enjoying the more creative. You can put a table and / or other medium in which to display your work. MISCELANEA provides you with tables and chairs, with no additional costs , as well as electrical connection and a wall or a rear support for exhibiting your works.

  • Each artist gets a completely creative freedom for presenting his works, without limitation on the number or size, but always keeping in mind the available space. He will personally take care, sale and promote his artworks.

  • The stand can be shared by several artists but only in the case of groups , studies, or projects.

  • The participation fee is 75 € + tax per stand .

  • To book a stand, artists must make payment no later than the 15th of November. ( We will provide the data for making the payment at the time that you inform that you have been selected.)

  • The location of the stand will be decided by payment order (starting from the gallery to the LAB room)

    The stands setting will be the same day (the 19th of December), between 10 am and 11.30 am.


  • MISCELANEA takes charge of the sale of artworks and it compromises to care and expose them in the best way possible for their sale.

  • The participation fee is 15 € + tax
    (If we already have your work in MiscelaneaSHOP, the participation is free.)

  • To formalize the participation, the payment has to be made before November 15. (We will provide the information for payment at the time that you are informed you have been selected.)

  • MISCELANEA will take 50% of the retail price, included in this percentage are the mandatory taxes from the sale (21% VAT), which MISCELANEA takes upon itself to pay. 

  • Example: Price retail € 20 (the artist takes 10 €, miscelanea takes € 6.52, € 3.47 VAT).

  • Artworks need to be delivered among the 1st and 10th of December, properly protected by pastics/transparent bag and rigid support (cardboard / foam board ) on the back , that will prevents its deterioration during exposure. In the case of serial works will only be necessary to protect a copy of each model.

  • Being a shared stand, you can submit up to 10 different works, in the case of serial work, you can bring maximum 5 copies of each model.

  • If the artist can't make the delivery personally, he should sent his artworks to MISCELANEA to arrive no later than the 5th of December.

    • Artists are responsible for shipping costs and adequate protection for the artworks to arrive in good condition.

    • MISCELANEA will pay the shipping costs to return any artworks that have not been sold.

  • Artists can take back the artworks that have not been sold during the market and that had been personally delivered the second half of January 2017 at MISCELANEA.


If you are interested in participating, please fill in the following form by the 31st of October.
(You must attach a direct link with images of the works that you'll put for sale).

Among all application forms received, MISCELANEA will make a selection..
The list of participants will be announced on the 5th of November on the MISCELANEA's website and facebook
(And we will also individually notify to the selected artists )

For any questions, please write to dyw@miscelanea.info

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