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Legal Notices

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1. General legal notice applies to all users


Overview of the owner of the website



c / Guardia 10, 08001 Barcelona (Spain)

NIF: G-63733059

(hereinafter MISCELANEA) is the owner of the Website located in the domain.

The exploration of the website located at the domain MISCELANEA (hereinafter the Website), and any of the pages through it that could be accessed, necessarily implies that the user has read, understands and accepts the \ 'Privacy Policy \' and \ 'notice Legal \' of is Website you. If you disagree with the terms and conditions outlined in these legal texts, the user must refrain from using this Website. In compliance with Article 9 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, services of information society (hereinafter LSSICE) MISCELANEA communication has taken place domain name registration which is registered.


Products and Services


In this Website, MISCELANEA available to Users of the free information on products and services provided by the Company, and the possibility of acquiring the goods or the services offered os. In any case, the recruitment of miscellaneous goods and services is governed by its General and Specific Conditions of Trade.


Intellectual and industrial property


In this Website, MISCELANEA available to Users of the free information on products and services offered by the Company. All designs, trademarks, names, images, logos, graphics, icons, applications and other content on the Site are owned by MISCELANEA or, where appropriate, MISCELANEA is licensed for use, thus enjoying the protection provided by own applicable regulations on intellectual property. In n Ingun case access to the Website imply MISCELANEA assignment from such rights to the Users.


Web Site Users may make private use of the Website and its contents. In no case may make commercial use of the same, or alter in any way, reproduce beyond private use, distributed rlos or communicated publicly. Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to use the contents of the Website for any purpose or in any manner other than that permitted under MISCELANEA in this \ 'notice Legal \'. The contents, text, photographs, logos, designs, images, sounds and, in general, any creaci & oacu I n existing intellectual on this Web Site and the Site itself as a complete artistic media have been properly registered and therefore protected as copyright legislation for intellectual property. If users want to use the trademarks, names, logos or other distinguishing available on the website MISCELANEA may request the necessary authorization by contacting the webmaster, please contact the same by means of contact indicated in this \ 'notice Legal \'.


The User of this Website is committed to respecting the rights referred to avoid any action that would prejudice the. Any unauthorized copying or use of the design or contents of the Website that differs from MISCELANEA expressly permitted by, in his capacity as holder of intellectual property rights over it, affects their rights and, consequently, to legitimize MISCELANEA exercise of any actions, both civil and criminal, protect their leg & iacu te; scams rights of intellectual property.


The content posted Registered users are not subject to editorial control. Consequently MISCELANEA allows its registered users through its website, freely express their opinions and send pictures, news, videos and all kinds of content. 'Responsibility MISCELANEA ad from others for such content is governed by contract in the legal conditions that registered users must agree to purchase such condition expressly


Web Site Access


Access to this Website is free. However, the recruitment of some of the services offered by this p & a acute; web page can be, now or in the future, subject to payment of a price, in which case clearly indicated that factor. Access to certain services of the website is subject to the acquisition of such a Registered User by completing the corresponding form. In these cases, the Usua River is committed to properly guard the access codes (user name and password) because they are solely for the user owns them and their protection and correct use are your responsibility.




The User who is given freely and voluntarily registered as a user of or co MISCELANEA Munich to personal data through the procedures in this Web Site, expressly authorizes MISCELANEA to treatment as described in the \ 'Privacy Policy \' of this Website and always respecting the laws in each moment regarding personal data and services of information society tion. Any user may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification and deletion of personal data given the applicable regulations through the procedure established for that purpose in the \ 'Privacy Policy \'.




This Website may contain hyper links to other websites which are not edited, monitored, maintained or supervised by MISCELANEA not it therefore be responsible for the content of such websites. The content thereof is the responsibility of their respective owners and MISCELANEA not guarantee or endorse such content. The purpose of the links that appear on this page is exclusively tively to inform the user about the existence of other sources of information on the relevant subject on the Internet, where you can expand the information provided in this Website. MISCELANEA shall in no way responsible for the results obtained through these hyperlinks. Those Users who wish to establish links to this Website must refrain from making false, inaccurate or incorrect on the Web site or its contents. In no case will be stated or implied that authorizes MISCELANEA hyperlink, or supervises, approves or assumes any way the contents or services offered or made available on the web page to establish the link to the Website. The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of any relation between MISCELANEA and the owner of the website on which it is established. Prohibited the establishment of hyperlinks to the Website in Web pages that include information or content ili ; cytes, immoral or contrary to public morality, public order, to the accepted uses the Internet or in any way infringe rights of third parties. Hyperlinks that in his case, and respecting the requirements outlined above, setting the Web Site from other web pages provide access to the Website, but not reproduce its content in any way.




MISCELANEA reserves the right to use the so-called \ "cookies \" or similar characteristic features in the Website. The \ 'cookie \' are only associated with an anonymous user and computer, without providing references from which personal data l User. Likewise, they can not read data on hard disks or the files \ 'cookie \' created by other providers. Users have the ability to configure your browser to be notified on screen receipt of \ 'cookie \' and to avoid installing \ 'cookie \' on your hard drive. For help on these functions require access to instructions or manuals browser for more information. In the event that the user decides not to receive \ 'cookie \', you can still use most of the services on the Website, including the purchase of goods or services, notwithstanding that it is necessary for the user is registered as a access to such services and / or produced acts that require it.


Commercial communications


In compliance with Article 21 LSSICE, by the acceptance of these General Terms expressly allows the user to send MISCELANEA the email address you provide as a contact, promotional or commercial communications advertising, unless expressly declares his opposition


For more information on the processing of personal data held by MISCELANEA Users may consult the \ 'Privacy Policy \' Web Site.




Some services, products or content on the Website may not be appropriate or suitable for minors. Consequently MISCELANEA recommends users not minors from accessing content that is identified as recommended for adults only. Also, MISCELANEA recommends that older children are responsible to monitoring the navigation of these children po r the Website and to prevent access to those levels recommended for adults only. Also, MISCELANEA informs them that there are computer programs that allow you to filter and block access to certain content, services and / or products to minors and recommends its use.




MISCELANEA not guarantee the complete update, accuracy and / or availability at all times of the contents of its web site, while making every effort to do so. Although MISCELANEA want to provide their users through the Web site continuous service, the same could be interrupted by various circumstances. In this case, MISCELANEA attempt to minimize the consequences of such disruption to your users are affected as little as possible, if at all possible, not taking responsibility in any of the damages that may entail for the interruption of service user access to this Site Web.


Legal regulations and applicable jurisdiction


The \ 'Privacy Policy \' and this \ 'notice Legal \' of this Website and the rest of the contents thereof, have been always respecting the law that applies, in particular Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of personal character data nal and Law 34/2002 of 11 July, Services of the Information Society and electronic commerce, and may be revised and modified at any time to adapt to any changes in the legislation. In this case, the new content will be applicable from the time the amendment is advertised on the Web site, becoming accessible for the users. Use of the Website, including access by users and the navigation through it, is free but involves explicit acceptance and compliance with the \ 'Privacy Policy \' and \ 'notice Legal \' of this Website and the Spanish legislation applicable. Also, determ Inades uses the same involve the necessary acceptance of contractual terms governing the use and, where appropriate. Any controversy or dispute which may arise from the use of the Website shall be resolved in accordance with current legislation in Spain, submitting to the jurisdiction and venue of the Courts and Tribune them of the User, when it is in Spain, or the Courts of Madrid, when outside of Spain.


2. Legal terms apply to registered users of the website


By acquiring the status of MISCELANEA Registered User, User manif IESTA expressly know the present legal conditions, promises to fulfill, and assumes full liability, contract and tort that can generate the breach, both against MISCELANEA and to third parties harmed by such failure. Registered Users MISCELANEA stated herein and acknowledge that:


Content they provide to the website are your sole responsibility and therefore responsible before MISCELANEA and third party for them.

MISCELANEA That makes no editorial control over such contents sent by their users, acting as a mere means of interaction among its users and therefore lack accountability bility for any such content, beyond which it could attribute to express the law in their capacity as service provider hosting online content provider.

This does not mean that if the content posted by users involve any conduct contrary to law, order or general principles of law in force you, as leaders of the Website are aware of the conduct by the Members for any conduct contrary to law, order or general principles of existing law, MISCELANEA can to inform the competent authorities such conduct, if occur, and to undertake legal action and secures l law in force at any time, against users who engage in such conduct, resulting in the user directly responsible for claims that might arise for third parties injured by the contents provided by users. Also, MISCELANEA may withdraw the Website content that constitute such breach to Deva ies to third parties or from the competent authorities. The user will be directly responsible for claims that might arise in MISCELANEA for third parties injured by the contents provided by users. In particular, the User agrees not to use the thematic forums or other means by which are allowed to send views and comments to: Defame, abuse, or harass MISCELANEA, other Users or third parties, or otherwise violate any rights. Upload files that contain viruses or similar programs that may affect the functioning of computers, software or data, whether the Website or other Users. Advertise, advertise or offer for sale ning & uacute n types of goods or services or conduct surveys or contests, collect personal data or send messages asking his forwarding chain. MISCELANEA reserves the right to refuse, restrict or exclude in its sole discretion any User access to this Website or any part thereof without prior notice if it fails to comply with the ant erior contractual conditions.


3. General conditions for electronic procurement


Prior general information


These Conditions are intended to regulate access and rate of acquisition of services and products offered by MISCELANEA through its If Web uncle, constituting the legal framework upon which the contractual relationship of employment. Within this framework contract will also include general and special conditions of employment of each product or services offered MISCELANEA. The present General Terms and Conditions may be c CERTAIN CANNED VEGETABLES by the user by printing or by downloading it in a durable, choosing the appropriate option at the time of acceptance. MISCELANEA undertakes to inform the User, prior to recruitment and a concrete, clear, precise and unequivocal, the specificities are rvices and / or products requested, such as the price thereof, taxes, fees and charges are applicable. MISCELANEA reserves the right to change the rates published in the Website, where it sees fit. Consequently prices and tariffs applicable to the procurement by the User of services and products will be the contained in the recruitment procedure established on the Web site of miscellany in the time immediately before your acceptance permanently formalize the contract and enter your payment information. The price of the service and product as a general rule, includes the value added tax which is applicable, unless expressly provides otherwise. The job postings on the Website will be valid only during the period when they are accessible to Users on the site itself. In case of unavailability of products and services contracted by the User MISCELANEA reserves the right to propose to the user to replace one Ar ; ass of the same type of equivalent quality and price, or alternatively give the user the option of canceling your order, with the return of the amount actually paid without raising the filing of claims for indirect damages, lost profits, damages or opportunity costs.


Payment of orders


The User may make payment of your order by the following methods: credit card payment




User MISCELANEA confirm your order and hiring done by sending an e-mail and Conditions d and recruitment, both general and particular that apply to their products and services that were specifically requested to express acceptance by User as a prerequisite for recruitment.


Right of withdrawal


The User who has the status of the consumer in accordance with the provisions in Act 2 6 / 1984 of 19 July, General Counsel for the Defense of Consumers and Users may be later than 7 working days from receipt of product or service made to discontinue the contract by sending a notice to that effect to the following address: The User must pays r the expenses incurred in returning the product to MISCELANEA upon exercise of the right of withdrawal. For the return of monies paid by the hiring done in the course of withdrawal thereof, shall require the return of a contract in the state it was sent, including the packaging in which be contained. The defect in the product or packaging will generate the User's obligation to pay the amount of necessary repairs to the property market again. The withdrawal will not fit when hiring concerns goods made to specifications or clearly personalized user, who, by their nature Leza, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly, the supply of audio or video tapes, discs and software which were unsealed by the user, as well as computer files, provided electronically, that can be downloaded or played on an immediate diately for permanent use.



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