MISCELANEA has two ways to respond to the demand for Exhibition Space.

The ANNUAL OPEN CALL and the MISCELANEA  SELECTION. These two methods comprise the entire programme of exhibitions.

The OPEN CALL is an annual call to artists with which we intend to promote, stimulate and make known projects that arise from our surrounding environment, as a form of continuing to give support to emergent creation.  Via this open call we select the work of new artists, both local and international, that have presented their projects to MISCELANEA and represent about 50% of the exhibitions that take place throughout the length of the season.

The MISCELANEA SELECTION is a processs of investigation, taken on by the team at MISCELANEA and its collaborators, to find projects and artists that match the gallery’s profile, attempting to endow a certain coherence to its journey. The selection is presented during the remaining dates of the OPEN CALL.

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